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  • Our mission is simple: create simple and friendly opportunities for consumers to get access to the credit they need.

Privacy Policy

Our strict privacy policy reflects our concern for the security of our borrowers' data. When they apply for the small loans no credit check and personal installment loans, they share their personal details like name, address, e-mail id, contact number, social security number, bank account details, etc. We provide security to the data by using very powerful security software. This software shields the database successfully from the unscrupulous access of the third parties. Hence, the safety of our borrowers' details is never compromised.

Please note that at Online Payday Loans for Bad Credit, we never sell, rent, share, or exchange the borrower database with anyone for making profits. Our strict commitment to the preserving the privacy of the borrowers is never marginalized.

However, we do use the information when we negotiate with the panel of trusted lenders for locating the best deals for our borrowers. We use the data again for informing the borrowers about the changes and additions in our services and policies.

In order to ensure foolproof security, we, at Online Payday Loans for Bad Credit allot individual login ids and passwords to all borrowers when they apply for the personal installment loans and small loans no credit check. They set their own secret passwords. No third party can access the details of the borrowers without their permission and violate the security of the database.

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